6 Reasons Why I Like Exercising At Home

Carolyn Cordon
5 min readMar 16, 2022

I’ll be honest and tell you I’ve barely ever actually been in a gym, and exercised in one, so it may be that I’m missing out on something great, I realise that. So bear that in mind. But I know what I like, and I know what I’m doing is working!

Our dog Lenny, my sometimes walking companion, who always keeps me active, even if only to let him out, then back in, after a ‘comfort stop’ outside in the back yard!

When I look at Lenny, it shows me how good a toned body can look! He’s a fine looking, fit and healthy creature, for sure! I hope with my exercising, I can achieve a fit and healthy toned body too!

!/ The obvious reason for me, to exercise at home rather than in a gym, is cost. If I’m doing my exercising at home, I don’t pay any gym fees, so that’s a huge bonus for me! I’m not a cheapskate, but I resent paying money for things when I don’t need to! And while the closest gym to me isn’t that far away, I still feels like a thing that would require me to get myself organised to go and do it … I prefer to do things that are more fun, when I go out, and going to the gym doesn’t seem like fun to me. I do realise other people might have different ideas about that though — that’s fine, we’re all different!

2/ If I do my exercise at home I don’t need to spend money buying new activity wear, to look good when I’m working out to look even better! And cost savings, which, let’s be honest, are important to many of us, as ongoing issues in our lives. Saving money by finding cheaper options, as long as they’re still effective is the way I choose to go.
I much prefer to be able to spend clothing money of fancy things, not boring gym clothes, boo to that one!

3/ And if I work out at home, I don’t have to have a shower and put on other clothes after I’ve finished my workout, if I’m exercising at home, unless I want to, or unless I’m too stinky for the others in the house. I doubt the dog, Lenny would mind, but I have to think of my poor husband! And particularly in winter, sometimes I won’t get particularly stinky/sweaty after a workout anyway, because it’s too cold to need to sweat, I might just need to put a jumper back on when I’ve finished …

4/ And when I’m exercising at home, I can do a little bit of one exercise, then do something else, and come back to exercising with another exercise, and so on, Switching and swapping exercises as I wish. I have a house and a little bit of extra land, so I can go…

Carolyn Cordon

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