A Successful Creative Writing Prompt Idea

Carolyn Cordon
5 min readMay 27

I have recently begun giving Creative Writing workshops at a local venue that assists women who are having troubles in their lives.

I had no real idea about the people who may come along to my workshops, or in fact whether there would be any attendees at all, apart from those who organise the venue.

I’ve done various kinds of poetry, so far, with the option to write short prose pieces if people prefer. I always do the writing exercise I present, because well, because I love to write both poetry and prose, so why not?!

This has been going for around four weeks now, with it happening every Thursday in Gawler at noon, and going for an hour. I go to that town anyway every Thursday, so while it means I’m very early for my other event in Gawler, it also means I’ll have time to do my homework for my writng group to follow, at another venue just a five minutes drive away.

The most recent workshop has been my favourite one yet, both in terms of the writing from the other women present, and in my own writing. I usually do poetry at this new event, but most recently I chose prose instead, and was totally surprised and pleased with my work done.

I’d had an idea to try something as a creative writing prompt, and was thrilled to see how well it went, both for my own writing and that of the others.

My Idea?

I know the owner of Gawler Books, and some time back, she gave me some books, for my writing group to use however we wanted. These books have been sitting in the boot of my car all of this time, occasionally I bring some along for the Poetry Readings run by members of the writing group, to be taken by anyone present, if they wish to have them. It’s a way for the book shop owner to get the name of her business mentioned to people with a strong interest in books, and it’s of interest to writing group members too, as well as the women coming along to my writing workshops as well.

And of course finding new homes for the many, many older books the book shop owner has to deal with, means there will be more space in the bookshop for new books, or more interesting second hand books. So it’s one of those win/win situations, that I love!

So, having access to a good few books, this is what I did:
A few days beforehand, I looked through some of the books available, and chose five books that met what I needed, which was to have a full…



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