Another Acrostic Poem For Lenny

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readDec 13, 2022

Our newest pet has cetainly inspired my writing, and this now poem talks of one of his preferences …

Lenny, not in the car, but lounging around at home!

Long limbed friend, lounging around
Ever ready to leap up for walk, or snack
Need for walk is there, but to be honest
Need for car ride wins over walking
Yes our Greyhound — perfect passenger!

Since we got Lenny, on Valentines Day this year, he’s steadily wound his way into our household, and our hearts. My husband and I have had many dogs together over the years, but Lenny is our first Greyhound …

I find myself thinking and writing about Lenny quite a bit, and the poem above, as indicated is not the first Acrostic Poem I’ve written about this lovely dog. And if the Acrostic Poem is a new one to you, this is what separates it from other poetic forms.

With an Acrostic Poem, the first letter of each line, spells out the subject, or prompt for the poem. in this case, as the title indicates, LENNY, which is our Greyhound’s name. His racing name, was Lenny the Jet, and these days, he does a lot more lounging around, than racing around!

Although of course, even racing Greyhounds have many hours of non racing, and non training time, so lounging around isn’t unknown to a Greyhound whether racing, or retired.

But when a racing Greyhound becomes a Pet Greyhound, they tend to be inside pets, and will find the most comfortable place to rest they can! And they’ll rest/sleep there for hours and hours every day!

We take Lenny for a walk almost every day, but he’d always rather go somewhere in the car!



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