Appreciator Of Coffee, Not Addicted To It!

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readNov 19, 2022

The word ‘addict’ is such a value judgement word these days’ isn’t it, and I certainly don’t mean ‘value judgement’ in a good way.

An addict is a person who can’t help themselves, they have gone far beyond being a liker or appreciator of a certain thing, and they sadly are looked down upon by many in society.

When you make a value judgement about a person, or a thing, you are not necessarily coming up with a well considered opinion about that thing though, as evidenced here:

“a statement about how good or bad you think something is, based on personal opinion rather than facts:

make a value judgment He wants to give customers the ability to make value judgments at the point of sale.

She wanted to find out what people really thought, free from spin and value judgments.

(Definition of value judgment from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)”

So there you go, who am I to argue with the Cambridge University Press!

So to get to the point of this little article, I am NOT addicted to coffee! I am an appreciator of coffee, and I get the best I can, whenever I can.

This was a cup of coffee much later in the day, from my local hotel, I think it was. (writer’s photo)

My husband buys fresh coffee beans for us from the Adelaide Central Market, (this market is an icon of the best available fruit and vegetables there are in South Australia — everyone who’s anyone who appreciates the best goes there to buy their goods!)

So we have fresh coffee beans, and so we’re rarely stuck having to consume ordinary, and inferior, in my opinion, instant coffee. We grind the beans just before we use them to make our coffee, so several times a day, often, and we truly appreciate our coffee.

I can live without a cup of coffee though, it won’t ruin my life if I can’t get a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Actually, I’m not sure that’s actually true, I can barely remember a morning that didn’t start with a cup of freshly made coffee, before I got on with my day!

I’m sure I do things, without that cuppa! In fact, I’ve just remembered, the ‘fasting blood’ tests I’ve had every three months or so, where I’m not supposed to have any food or drink beyond water, before I…



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