Covid Cancelled? No, Postponed, Rescheduled!

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readDec 12, 2021

When I had to cancel the launch of my most recent book, I thought, Oh, no, how will I get any book sales? But never fear, thanks to the great team of writers from my writing group, I was able to set another date for the book launch and it happened!

The idea for this anthology came to my mind in April 2020, when the world first became aware of the Covid-19 virus, and worried, and worried about it. I was watcbing the news from around the world and was one of those worried people.

I had a big feeling within myself, that I must do something to somehow help. I have no medical skills, and I can’t organise anything big, I didn’t have the available funds, or listenership for that. But I am a poet and writer, and a committed community member, and have many friends who are the same.

So I reached out to my friends, both the ones I meet up with every week, and with my online friends, through my writer’s blog. I thought hard about what I wanted to do, which was to print a collection of creative writing responses to Covid-19.

I didn’t suggest a theme of the writing beyond that, but I indicated what format I was looking for. The book I imagined would have small pieces of writing, not great long screeds of it. So once I knew what I wanted, I told them that, on my writer’s blog, this one:

And while the number of people attending the launch of this book, about Covid-19 was restricted in the number of people allowed to attend, ironically because of Covid 19, there was a good turnout, and many copies of the book were sold.

This anthology about Covid-19, the virus that is causing so much damage, and so many illness and deaths around the world, had been deemed by writers known to me to be a historically important publication, and I certainly felt that to be true too.

I have sold out the initial, admittedly small, first print run, and almost sold out with the second, even smaller print run. I am a single person, self publishing some of my books, and having others accepted by publishers so they will do all of the work to bring the books into the world.



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