Cyanide In Our Tummies

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readDec 1, 2023

If the acid in our stomach is there to break down foods we consume, I’m glad it doesn’t break down everything, because I ate something today with cyanide inside of it, and I don’t want to get sick or die!

Cherries, and some other stone fruits have a pit iside of the fruit, the pit being a seed with a hard coating around it, with the part we eat being the soft (and delicious) part around that.

Photo by Rebecca Matthews on Unsplash Don’t they look delicious!

So, with it being Christmas, and us being Australians, living in Australia, my husband bought some cherries yesterday when he did the fruit and vegetable shopping, as he does once a week at a special market for such things, an area in the capital city of Adelaide, called the Adelaide Central Market. This market is where the best of the best in fresh produce can be bought, as well as an amazingn array of spices, herbs and other interesting ingredients from around the world.

Anyway, it’s late Spring/early Summer, and that means Cherry season in the southern hemisphere, so that’s what he bought specially for me, I suspect, because he doesn’t like them that much. Anyway, they looked so delicious in a bowl on the table the day he brought them home, and again today, I was happy to pick two of these scrumptious looking fruits, and eat them!

But I wasn’t being careful enough, and after eating one of the cherries, and spitting out the pit, I then ate the second cherry. But this time, oops, I seemed to have actuallly swallowed the pit! I’m going to die, cyanide is poisonous!

Actually, that pit is going to stick around in my stomach and then leave my intestine in the usual way, undigested, and so with that cyanide safely enclosed in the pit. That’s certainly what has happened before. Today was certainly not the first time I’ve ever swallowed a cherry pit, and I’m definitely still very much alive!

I definitely remember swallowing at least one cherry pit as a child, and I worried a cherry tree was going to grow in my tummy. I suspected it was going to come out of my belly button, but, no, so such thing occured! I definitely think this could be an interesting idea for a children’s picture book, but suspect it’s probably already been done …

I did a bit of wandering around the internet, but didn’t find the absolute answer to the question of why those juices on…



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