Do Writers & Other Artists Need A Muse To Suceed?

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readJun 6, 2024

Is an artist having to have a Muse an unfounded and incorrect Myth or is having one of almost magical assistance? I’m not sure of the answer, but I know I always seem to write best when I have Puss In Boots with me!

Puss In Boots says hi!

Never Abuse Your Muse

Puss In Boots, he is my muse,
I appreciate him very much.
He’s there for me whenever I
need to keep myself in touch.

To see the eyes of children
brighten on seeing my friend -
It brings both joy and creativity,
makes my broken writing mend!

My writing bag when I go out
is packed with the utmost care,
there’s various kinds writing tools
and Puss in Boots is always there!

For what is an Artist without a muse?
A producer of pale insipid things!
While when your muse is there,
artistic creativity surely sings!

So find your muse, love, and cherish it
Such care will be well rewarded.
Ignore or lose your muse though?
Results may become quite…



Carolyn Cordon

Writer & Presenter — Poetry, prose, blogging, editor Mallala Crossroad Chronicle. Words are my tools, I use them well!