Life Stages, Each Person Can Be Many People

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readAug 28, 2021

I am a wife, a mother, community member, writing group President, and many other things …

Yes, two feet, two different socks. I am a little bit quirky!

We meet people and give them a label, based on what we see, but the people we meet may have many roles and thoughts, and the person we met in one context may have other quite different roles in their life as well.

And what we do when we are first ‘out there’ in the adult world, may be very different to what we do, and who we are in the later stages of our lives.

We have masks we wear, sometimes …

I was a shy child, quiet and obedient, in the main. Then I began work, and I was still that shy child, at first, anyway. But there were other things going on in my life, memories, and then actions done to me, that nobody knew, apart from me, and the other person.

The mask of shy person is gone now, and I feel different, more in control of my life — I am far from shy, these days. But while I’m not overbearing, I am unafraid of putting forward my opinions, these days.

The many roles I have in my life now, would never have been roles I thought I may have as a retired adult, back when I was that child, nearly fifty years ago. I would never have thought way back then, for instance, that I would be a published author!

I loved books as a kid, but didn’t think I’d ever be writing my own books, that people could buy, or borrow from the library!

So I’m an author, an editor, a public speaker now, as well as being a person with a chronic illness, but with mostly good health — I’m successful at some things I do, but not very good at other things I do.

Winner, loser, in-betweener, I am all of them, as most people are, at various times in their lives …

I love creatures, plants, and blue skies, but I love being warm and comfy inside too.

I love connecting with people, but I love being alone sometimes as well ...



Carolyn Cordon

Reader and writer — Poetry, prose, blogging, editor of community newsletter, & more recently Stand Up Comedian! Life happens as I watch, & get involved too!