Falling Over, But Getting Up Again!

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readMay 29, 2021

Trips and falls have become a way of life, and my knees took the most of the punishment this time, not my wrists.

Can you see the compost bin, on the far side of the pool? author’s photo

That area is where I sprained my wrist, badly, in late April I think it was … So today adds another ‘trip and fall’ to my ever increasing list of such horrid things. My knees are protesting, but in reality, it was a nothing much such event, compared to that wrist, and especially the ‘broken ankle’ incident almost two years ago.

And the cause of this particular event, is one I know well, having been a victim of it before. I’ve actually written a poem about it, as I often do, when things happen to me … The cause for this fall today was the grass runner that was there, wating for me, just on the other side of the pool. My husband was outside too, and I was closer, so asked him if he wanted the pool turned off.

He said was, so I turned around and walked toward the switch, which is on that little white box-looking thing, next to the yellow other thing, on the fence, just past the compost bin … Oh the times I’ve tripped and fallen in that yard! I got over it relatively painlessly this time though, and was grateful Graham was there to help me get up again! He’s my every reliable helper/carer, and has been for thirty-five years, well before the falling over began.

So I had a fall, I got up, and was happy to come inside, after gathering a few herbs growing out near the pool, in the black pot, next to the big box looking thing (a vegetable bed) between the rusty posts and the edge of the page on the left hand side. The herbs we grow there are a kind of mint, and then gathered some thyme, we have growing in a hanging basket over near our back door. I’m enjoying the tea I made now, and appreciate the different flavours.

I was pleased to see the purslane is coming back again, after being hit hard by a few nights of frost, I think. But tonight is going to be 2 degrees celsius, so who knows how it will do. While I was out there, before I fell over, I noticed the beans Graham had planted, and that I’d seen flowering, now have beans growing, and that the tomatoes have new ones with quite good colour, that we could pick soon and there are still a lot more green tomatoes growing there too. Good harvesting!

Carolyn Cordon

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