Fifty Three Cents … You Get Back What You Put In

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readAug 1, 2021

Like so many others here on Medium, I’m realtively new to this Platform. I’ve been a blogger for many years, starting with Blogspot, then moving on to Wordpress. I thought Wordpress had everything I wanted in a Social Media platform.

I expect I’ll earn a lot more money than 53 cents when I launch this book!

Then I was shown the truth, and that was that the thing I really wanted, was to get money back from my writing … I’m an author, with nine books to my name, with one newest one being launched at then end of August (the one above). So I know I’ll earn some money at the book launch, probably a good few hundred dollars or more.

So I’m used to earning real money from the books I have published, whether by traditional publishing or self-publishing. So I didn’t really need money from my online writing , so I nover worried about it. But then a writing friend began writing for Medium, and I go interested. She was publishing her article writing and was getting actual money for her words! Wowee!

I thought, well if Marie can do that, maybe I can do it too? I know Marie is a good writer, but I think I’m pretty good at writing too, and if Marie can do it, well, count me in as well! But the money I’m making, well, it’s not looking like I’ll make anywhere near as much on the Medium platform, as I do with making books.

But the thing about these online platforms, Medium, as well as another one Vocal, well they’re set and forget. You write your piece, and post it, and you just leave it there, popping in every now and then if you want to, and perhaps connecting back, with anyone who connects with you … But really, fifty three cents for the entire month of July, that is how much I made … But the pieces that brought me that 53 cents, well I enjoyed writing them, and really, isn’t enfojment a good reason to do something?

In the four months I’ve been with Medium, this is my worst result in terms of mony made. But I don’t care, it’s given me things to think about, and do, in the crazy locked in times we’ve been having, with Covid being an ongoing issue for us. Sitting at home, on my laptop, and knowing it’s safe, well that’s a bonus, and getting even a tiny bit of money is an added extra, and to be honest, it’s a bit of a giggle really, fifty three cents, haha!

Carolyn Cordon

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