Finding The Perfect Genre For A Series of Novels …

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readDec 10, 2022

I am never going to write the perfect thriller novel, because, while I don’t mind watching a movie in the ‘thriller’ mode every now and then, the thought of actually writing one seems way out of my range of interest for my writing.

I’m much more interested in ordinary people, living more or less ordinary lives, with little bits of unusual things, to add a little bit of interest to things …

What the … Whose duck is that? That’s more my kind of mystery! (Writer’s photograph’

One such thing is the duck in the image. It appeared suddenly, at a surprising spot along the road I live on, and lookes so interesting, I took a photo of it, using my phone. Then I was looking for something to have as a front page story of the newsletter I edit, becaue I had nothing else at hand so I used that photograph. It was an appealing front cover, and caused a little bit of a mystery in the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle.

Two different people from two different towns said the duck was theirs, and while I didn’t get into lengthy investigations of this matter, I kept an ear open, and it seems likely the person who lives across the road from where the duck was when I took the photograph is most likely to be the actual owner.

But the duck is gone now, gone home, it seems, and all is good in the poultry yard … I can imagine this tiny little mystery could occur as a little subplot in a Cosy Murder Mystery sometime, if I ever really get into writing a series of such novels. I’ve written over thirty thousand words for the first book in such a series, and I have details of the town and people I need for such a series.

Perhaps writing up a short story with the title ‘What the …’ , all about the little duck mystery might be the impetus I need to get properly stuck into writing more of, and actually completing that first book in the series. I feel that if I can get the first one done, the next ones will follow more easily …

The town where my cosy murder mystery series is not a real town, but based in part on the closest town to where I live. And the people in my series are not real people, but based on people in general, not anyone in particular.

So Talloola, the town my Cosy Murder Mystery series in set it, is not Mallala, but both towns have certain ‘setting’ points in common, so a map of one, would help…



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