Head from Good to Great!

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readMay 8, 2021
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In life, most of us strive to do good things, I hope so, anyway, but why not take it further and go for GREAT, not just good!

I’m a writer, as most of us here on this platform are, in some way or another, I expect. Writing stories - articles, poems, reviews, whatever, the writing of words is what we do.

I’m also a blogger, and have a few blogs of my own I write posts for, they’re all on Wordpress, and are free ones, which means I don’t make money from them, in the way I can here on Medium. I’m new to Medium, and have had my first payout, which though only a small amount, was still exciting for me, after my many years of being on Wordpress, with no payouts at all!

That’s not the focus of this piece though, not directly. The focus is a thought I had earlier today, when I was at a community event, seeing interesting things, and talking with interesting people. As so often happens, in such circumstances, my mind goes up a notch, and I get ideas to help make a current project go up a notch too, and go from a good idea, to a great idea.

I was at a different community event last night, in a different town, a very different event from today. It was a book launch last night, and the author, Judy Gillett-Ferguson, was launching her new book “The German Teacher”. Judy is a friend of mine, who is a great community member in Gawler and is well known by many other people, many of whom I also know.

But obviously there are many things about Judy I don’t know, and one of the things I found out last night, was that she is a member of a choir. *Keep reading, the next bit is relevant —

Judy had a choir at her book launch! Her friends in the choir all got together at the end of the book launch with Judy, and they all sang two songs! It was such an unusual thing, a beautiful thing, and it took that book launch up another notch too! That going up of notches, is what can take things from good to great, and that is so important, if you want to shine, to strive for great, and never be content with just good!

So, I’m currently working on writing a chap book, inspired by a recent writing inspiration event I attended. It has a name, this little book, and an image for the front…

Carolyn Cordon

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