I Am A Writer — My Words Show The Truth Of It…

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readApr 12, 2022

Poetry, prose, books, blogging, and add in editor as well, and a newsletter, as well as writing group president, and you get the picture.

This was one of my earlier books, a memoir about having multiple sclerosis. There is both prose, and poetry.

I’m not the only one, there are many people writing words in many genre, for many purposes. From working through what’s in their head, to trying to make a fortune, and many other things, words and writing are popular things in the lives of many.

I enjoy writing poetry the most, and have been known to pen brief poems, in an extremely short time, at a monthly poetry reading I help to run — Gawler Poets At The Pub. A fun event, in a pub, with poets? What a fine way to spend an Sunday afternoon!

But even though I currently have a poetry collection being put together by the publisher that accepted it when I submitted it for their consideration, as well as a novel I’m writing (slowly!), it seems blogging is what I mostly do, when I’m writing things.

I love writing poetry though, and the idea of being the writer of a series of Cosy Murder Mysteries has a strong appeal to me, but I’m still only less than halfway through my first one of those, so I’m not sure it’s ever going to become one published book, let alone a series of them.

That poetry collection, titled “Leonard Cohen Is Dead” is going to be launched at that monthly poetry event in Gawler I mentioned, and I’m excited about that, I’ve blogged about that, and slowly getting all of the details for the launch of this book sorted out.

I know the date, I more or less know what the front cover will look like, and it’s completely matches the poem that the collection is named for. I look forward to holding this book in my hand, and sharing copies of the book with others!

So poetry is strongly in my mind, as well as blogging. I’ve even written a poem about this issue, which was in a blog post I wrote about these matters. This is where the blog post is , take a look if your’re interested.

And this is the poem on that blogsite post:

A Poem About Blogging?
A poem or a blog post, that is the question –
One a mere slice, a taste, or is it more?
A poem can be so small, but so deep,
an ocean’s worth of words, in a thimble
of meaning, and truth …



Carolyn Cordon

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