I Think I’ve Discovered The Perfect Present For Everyone, For Every Occasion!

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readDec 11, 2023

I went to a wonderful place, quite close to where I live, where I tasted what surely is the food they consume in Heaven! Honey. Flavoured honey made in the country by blissful bees!

Photo by Shelby Cohron on Unsplash

The tiny place the honey comes from is Korunye, pronounced corr un ee, and the fact that ‘Korunye’ and ‘honey’ rhyme seems completely awesome, somehow proving to my poet’s brain this food is meant to be cherished, and news of its existence spread to interested others. And who isn’t interested in something good for you, that tastes absolutely delicious!?

I’m not sure whether Korunye Honey sells their product internationally, I suspect they may not have enough of it for that, and my understanding is they are doing well enough with local sales, and taking their product to various markets to sell, they don’t need such a market anyway. I’m not sure.

Anyway, the people from Konunye Honey, at home (their honey is made in a shed at the back of the place where they live), well if they’re at home, you may be given a honey tasting, where you will be able to try tiny amounts of probably the best honey you’ve ever tasted!

Anyway, moving onto my point. I am possibly one of the worst buyers of presents, because I just don’t like shopping very much. So I don’t go from shop to shop checking out possible presents for various people at Christmas time, for instance. But when I was last at Korunye Honey, I purchased a range of the different honey flavours available, and a couple of different sizes, and that is what I’m going to give to people for Christmas, Perfect!

And if it turns out they can’t eat honey for whatever reason (because they’re stupid is the only possible reason I can think of), well, if they can’t eat it, I won’t leave it there getting in their way, and reminding them constantly of their stupidity, no. If they can’t have it, I’ll gladly take that honey off their hands. Aren’t I a nice person for that? Yes, I am, actually.

So for my mother, honey, my husband, honey, my son and daughter-in-law, honey! And my Support Worker, she’ll get some honey too, and I’ll do my best to give the most appropriate type of honey for each person. I think using that thoughtful attitude proves I may not be the best buyer of presents, but I may be an exceptionally thoughtful buyer of them!

And tomorrow I’m going to Korunye Honey again, to buy a few more jars of honey, just in case. Just in case I need to buy more presents, yes, but also just in case I feel like having some delicious honey again, they will be some in our pantry, lovely!

Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash

When buying presents, I’ll be on the money with Korunye Honey!



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