Is It Just Me? I’m So Excited About My Latest Poem!

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readApr 16, 2022

So just half an hour ago, I finished writing a new poem, one inspired by another poet I know, who has a website I follow, and receive emails from every now and then.

As soon as I read that poet’s new post, my brain switched on, and once I’d opened up a blank page on my laptop, I began writing a new poem. And as I typed up the words, they flew from my fingers, like the poem had always been in existence, waiting for me!

Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

Then I did a little editing and bang, a great new poem had come into the world. Of course, the next time I read this poem, I may change my mind about just how good it really is, but never mind, the feeling of excitement was strongly with me, and it felt wonderful!

Finding our creative core, making the connections with that part of ourselves is an awesome thing, and while poetry is my ‘thing’, I know artists of other kinds can feel that same inner glow, when your art is flowing from within, and making something wonderful!

Writing poetry is how I find my way with what I feel about things, just as a visual artist might paint with their chosen media, or a sculptor may with rock or clay … The idea, and its final presentation, from inside our mind, to there in front of us, and then on presentation to others, it is an awesome process, almost magical, and I love it so, so much!

I’m writing a novel at the moment too, but that process is such a slow thing, it doesn’t give me the wonderful thrill that penning a poem in an afternoon can! So today, this poem, currently title ‘The Big Cheese’, came into the world from the prompt I read online just a few hours ago now, and I may well be submitting this poem, with a few others, to an online magazine within a few more days.

I bet it takes longer than that for a painter to get a painting thought of, painted, and then hung for public exhibition! Of course, waiting for responses to poetry submissions can take quite a while, but sometimes it may come in only a few days, and there is always the possibility of posting such works here on!

I love the creative process, and say thank you to Bartholomew Barker, Poet, for supplying the inspiration for my new poem! If you’re interested, why not have a look at what Bart did, and see if it inspires you too?

I love finding inspiring things, and making something new out of them, do you love that too? Tell me about it, I would love to read about what has inspired you with your writing!



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