Is Seeking Fame A Good Idea?

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readMar 22

And what really is fame anyway?

The dictionary definition of ‘fame’ says this:
“the state of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.”

I would love to be better known than I currently am, I confess that, and yes, as a writer, fame would be a helpful thing to get my name out, and share my words with others, for sure. Fame would certainly assist with that.

And I’ve begun doing performances in front of others, and gaining fame for that will help me in getting more gigs (As a Stand Up Comic/Comedian, performing as Nanna Carreau, in case you were wondering).

I’ve had a lot of fun being Nanna Carreau and doing my Stand Up Comedian act as her, and if I can go on performing as her every now and then that will be great. If I never have the chance to do that though, it won’t be the end of hte world, but I suspect the more gigs I can do as Nanna Carreaau the better, in terms of any potential fame I will ever achieve.

Nanna Carreau, Stand Up Comedian. writer’s photograph

Being modeately well known in my little circle of the community is one thing, and it’s a long way away from ‘known or talked about by many people …’ I’m known by a good few peoplem and am possibly mentioned occasionally. That is not fame, not by any definition, I feel.

Regarding my potential money making from greater fame, well to be honest, I don’t really need much more money than I already get … I am on a pension from the government, because of my chronic illness, and my husband gets money from the government because of that, via him being my carer.

So any need I feel for fame, is not a monetary need, no not at all. It is more an emotional need, a need to feel like I am ‘somebody’ above and beyond being wife, mother, daughter and so on, into being ‘someone’ in my broader community.

I suspect this is tied to the reasons why I write, and work to get my words published in various places, in various ways. It is also tied to why I am currently doing regular poetry workshops at a local venue, an enjoyable event, with people who recognise my skills with the teaching of poetry, and connected skills.

When I look at my own needs, and at what level they are being met, I can say those needs at the base…

Carolyn Cordon

Reader and writer — Poetry, prose, blogging, editor of community newsletter, & more recently Stand Up Comedian! Life happens as I watch, & get involved too!