Learning About My New Dog Breed — The Greyhound

Carolyn Cordon
5 min readFeb 23, 2022

I’ve owned a few different dog breeds in my life, from the Standard Schnauzer to the Bullmastiff. I’ve enjoyed all of the dogs in my life, but this new breed for my partner and I, the Greyhound, is certainly one of the most fun breed, for sure!

Our new boy, Lenny

Lenny was a racing Greyhound, who has now retired to live a life of leisure in the country, with us. And for the most part, he certainly spends much of his time lazing around on his bed, snoozing.

He is a sweet boy, a bit over the top and excitable, at times, funny and silly other times, and just a handsome sleeping beauty at still other times (most of the time, actually).

I know dogs sleep for many hours in the day, but I suspect Greyhounds may do the most sleeping. I suppose they have to rest up a lot, to have the energy they’ll need when they go through their ‘Zoomies’.

Greyhound zoomies, are when the Greyhound has an excess of energy, and suddenly goes tearing off, around and back, over and over, until they collapse in a tired but happy heap! It may happen inside, or outside, and it’s a joy to watch such well honed creatures zooming around at top speed!

Other dog breeds do this too, particularly when they are wet. There’s something about being wet that makes dogs go nuts! I know I had to be careful not to let a schnauzer outside after a bath until they were dry, Ig thiey’d been washed ready for another dog show.

When our new Greyhound fell into our swimming pool recently, the first thing he did once I’d helped him out, was to go zooming all around our back yard, around and around.

Then he collapsed on the lawn for a while, and when he was up again, I encouraged him to walk around a bit in the sunshine, to dry out a bit more … I’d been so worried to see him trying fruitlessly to get out of the pool, I would have liked to go zoomies myself, to wear off a bit of the stress I’d felt!

But dogs and humans deal with these things differently, I suppose, although it may explain why some people life to go jogging, haha! I didn’t mean that, joggers jog for better fitness, and health, and maybe for the feel good chemical they will receive. I’m not sure, I’m definitely not a jogger!



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