My Art Installation Continues To Grow!

Carolyn Cordon
6 min readDec 2, 2023

Collecting bits and pieces of metal has turned into something so much more than just a woman helping to keep her community a little bit tidier. Something much, much more!

I’ve been picking up items, some may call the bits collected rubbish, but to me, there was meaning in these little ‘throwaways’ beer bottles ‘caps’, the lids of soft drinks, a hub cap even, and of course bits of wire fallen off trucks or trailers, and a vast array of other items. The image below shows what I found today, and it is similar to other ‘hauls’ gathered and brought home.

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So there you have it. These are mostly the tops/caps of drink bottles, some beer bottles, and the ‘Doin’ Good’ one, I’m not sure what it’s actually from. The smaller piece probably fell from the builder’s box of goodies during the construction of the building close to where I found it.

(I’ve checked out the Doin’ Good one, online, and discovered it’s from a company called Lo Bros who make low sugar drinks in Australia. They seem to be doing their best to limit the amount of plastic used in the making of their drinks, and in fact say they are involved in removing plastic from the waste stream around a part of the world. It’s interesting to read about their program, and if all drink companies were to do the same, or similiar things, what a good thing that would be!)

The link to that company is below, for anyone interested.

The Art Installation project

So with my walking around my local town’s oval, and picking up things that would otherwise have been filling up the town dump, I am instead creating an interesting Art Installation, with the name of “RUST & FOUND” Art Installation. I bring the collected pieces home, and they are displayed on my rusting old wire fence and gate, all together, and looking quite interesting, to see the items I’ve found.

This project has been going on for almost 4 months, and I have collected and put on display nearly 300 items! From these tiny little bottle…



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