My Dog Has Silly Ears, But I Would Never Laugh At Him About It!

My dog, who has only been my/our dog for a month, is a tall, elegant, black, and beautiful creature. Lenny was a racing Greyhound who has now retired, to live the life of leisure he deserves!

Lenny The Jet was his racing name, now he’s Lenny, Lenny the Layabout, perhaps, because even though he can run quite fast, he doesn’t … Hey, he’s retired, and racing Greyhounds run sprints, not marathons anyway.

So sleep, wake up, eat, toilet, race around (briefly), then sleep some more (hours more), and then…



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Carolyn Cordon

Reader and writer — Poetry, prose, blogging, also editor of community newsletter. Life happens as I watch, and is my inspiration!