My Stand Up Comic ‘Career’ So Far

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readMar 19, 2023

I’ve put the Career, in ‘quotes’ because the word Career indicates someone is doing the work for a living, but the truth of my Stand Up Comic ‘work’ so far has been one two minute piece at a poetry reading, where I wasn’t a guest presenter, and my other two pieces were longer (twenty minutes or so), but were not for pay, they were to talk with volunteer carers, and I was there as a volunteer as well, on a way.

I did have some of my published books available for purchase, on both of the longer times, and in fact sold some copies of some of my books, so if my cost to get to those two gigs isn’t counted in, I made some money. I travelled a fair distanse all up though. I like driving on country roads though, past the paddocks and forested areas, and through small country towns, a pleasant way to spend time!

Taken along my road travels — writer’s photo

I did an impromptu performance as my Stand Up Character, when I arrived quite late at a poetry workshop I was the presenter for. This is as a volunteer too, for a not-for-profit that does good work for women in need. There were two such women there, one of whom I’m met there previously, and they were happy to write some more poetry after I’d spoken about what I was presenting.

They then read out what they’d written, and I spoke about what I’d been doing that made me late for their meeting. They were interested in what I’d been doing, and demanded I put on a performance for them, to make up for being late to the meeting!

It was all in good fun, so I rushed out to my car and got changed into character (in part), then went back inside, in character, and performed my act for them. They all enjoyed it, and the person in charge, happily played a role as a heckler, which I handled well, and was happy to attend to it, who knows when I may need to do that for real!

The character I perform as, as I’ve written about previously here and here on Medium, is an old lady, by the name of Nanna Carreau. Nanna Carreau lives in a small country town, and she talks about here life there, as well as her family, and a friend of hers named Maud. So Nanna Carreau is about 88 or 89 years old, and Maud is just over 90. They argue a little over which is really the older, but only in fun for the most part …



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