Rose Thoughts — A Poem

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readDec 8, 2023

I began this poem quite some time ago, but didn’t feel I knew how to finish it. Today though, I’ve taken another look, and finished the poem off, and am happy with it, so I’m posting it here!

So this is the poem:

Rose Thoughts
Out in the yard I notice the rose -
Fallen over, almost destroyed.
And roses are the flower I most enjoyed.

So I looked around to see what went wrong
A mystery here, without any clues.
Where was the stick that kept it strong?
Someone had done wrong, but who to accuse?

What mattered most was to save this plant,
I quickly attended to the chore
And planted it straight, no sign of a slant.
I hope it won’t need anything more …

Then back inside to wash off dirt
(I’d pulled up weeds while out there as well)
Hands clean now, scraped but not hurt,
And that little rose is looking swell!


Sadly that rose bush now is gone.
It had its moment, its time of glory,
As all should have times when we’ve shone
So we too can have ahappy story.

For like the rose, we all have beauty
Outward or inward, seen or not,
Beauty of face, or the doing of duty,
Doing our best with all we’ve got.

But knowing too of the other side,
The thorns there too, that may lead to hate -
Jealousy felt, or hate-filled pride?
Throw them out over the garden gate!

Concentrate on finding beauty to share
Bring to mind the various ways
Our senses can pick up and bring to bear
Them all to brighten our future days!

Photo by Andréas BRUN on Unsplash



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