Taking The Dog For A Walk Leads To Interesting Things!

Carolyn Cordon
6 min readDec 3, 2023

My husband and I take our Greyhound, Lenny for a walk around 4 or 5 times a week, most weeks. We often start off by driving to the local Sporting Ground, the Mallala Oval, where there is the Oval, as well as tennis courts and a netball court as well, in the same complex.

Walking around the oval is around 600 metres, so if I go off track, and walk off to the side, and back a good few times, I can easily make those 600 metres 800 or more metres, and then if I walk around at home, both inside and outside, that makes it a kilometre walked most days.

If I pay attention to what I eat, and only consume a moderate number of calories, my weight will stay around where I want it to be, at the lower end of my ideal weight range. But of course, with this being the Festive Season, a little bit more than ‘moderate’ amounts of calories are likely to be consumed, so that walking becomes even more important …

And we won’t talk about how many calories I consumed today at lunchtime, because, as I said at the Mallala Lions event I attended todoay, at the Oval Complex, what happens at the table, stays at the table! So Shh, to that one. (It was delicious, and worth it, so yay).

Anyway, one of the things I do as I’m walking around the oval, is look for random bits of metal, and other interesting bits and pieces, but mostly metal ones. I then bring those things home, take a photo of what I’ve found, and then eventually those pieces will be put on display.

Some items from a recent walk. Writer’s photo

When I say ‘on display’, I mean setting them out on my quite long fence, and front gate, and writing a bit about what I’m doing there, as I am here, right now! This display has a name, the ‘RUST & FOUND Art Installation’, and while I had no idea what I was doing when I began this project back in late July, early August, I feel I am now getting a better idea on what this is all about.

This project has different stages, and ideas for being. A main idea is to raise awareness on the importance of recycling, by showing how it is possible to reuse and reuse metal objects, instead of adding them to the rubbish tip!

Many people will confess to having a love of ‘rusty thing’ and they have become quite an interesting ‘go to’ item in terms of arts and crafts, these…



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