Thoughts About Guilt Felt When Life Is Good

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readApr 15, 2024

I consider I am living a good life — whether financial, emotional, work related, spirituality, health, all boxes ticked. I feel like my life is charmed, the way I’m lucky in many ways.

But now, a recent health misfortune has befallen a loved one, and it makes me look, yet again, at whether my own good furtune has brought this upon them.

Photo by Galt Museum & Archives on Unsplash

I know this is a ridiculous thought, my actions can’t have caused the other person’s illness, it is absolutely not my fault. And I am doing everything I can to assist that person as they currently work through the needed steps to get better.

My own health is possibly the best it has ever been, with my weight a healthy level, my mobility (which has previously been an issue for me) is now so good that I’m able to walk however much I want to walk, with no problems.

I have one health issue, but with the help of my own doctor, that is under complete control. So that is making me think about how one person can be doing so well, when another is not doing well at all. And the guilt creeps in.

It’s a dumb idea, that my good luck in life means another person will have bad luck. In an ideal world, it would be possible for all to have good lives. We obviously are not living in an ideal world though, of course.



Carolyn Cordon

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