Travel To India

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readDec 11, 2023

An Acrostic Poem about our upcoming travel to the land where out daughter-in-law was born and grew up.


I don’t know really what to expect-
New things aplenty, sights, scents,
Delicacies to tempt us to try them!
It will be different, that much I know,
And I want to experience everything!

My son and daughter-in-law married just a few months ago in South Australia, where we all live. His bride was born in India, moved to Australia about four years ago, meeting our son, and then them both falling in love, a cross-cultural love that is beautiful to see.

So they’ve had their Austalian wedding, where both our son and his bride were dressed in Indian clothing, looking gorgeous, then for the reception afterwards they changed into formal western wedding attire. It was a lovely wedding, with the parents of the bride and another of her family members there, for the wedding, but there will be more!

They do marriage differently in India, is what everyone tells me, and my husband and I are excited to be going to India to see just how different an Indian wedding is, compared to an Australian wedding. I know there will be quite different clothing needed for us, and quite different things that will need to happen.

I don’t know what these things all are, I remember seeing some vision of hands being painted with henna, in lovely patterns, if I have to have that happen, I’ll love that! And the clothes I’ll have to wear, I’m glad I will have others helping me to get those different items on, because I don’t know how to put on a sari, that’s for sure!

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

We’ll be going to Mumbai, where our son’s parents-in-law live, and I’ve been told there are more people in Mumbai than there are in all of Australia! One city, more folk than one country, Wow! I certainly can’t imagine so many people, especially because I now live in a small country town, with probably frewer than 600 people living in and around it!

We’ve booked our flight, have the necessary visa, tickets, and we are now waiting for the time to fly off across the world! We have one stop for a brief time and then Mumbai will be our home for a bit over a week, wow!

It sounds a little scary, but I’ll be with people I already know, and they will help me to fit in, I know them and I trust them! I’m sure we will all have a beautiful time together, learning more about the land where our newest family member came from!



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