Trying Things Out Tells You The Truth

Carolyn Cordon
5 min readSep 8, 2023

When I recently had the idea of become a student again, at the age of sixty, I received so much encouragement to take on the challenge of going on to studay at a much higher level than I’d done before. I thought about it and then I did, I enrolled, and headed off back to school!

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

My organisation skills meant I could do this. I’d checked out the map, and the timing required to get there in time. It was all going to be happening on Wednesdays, just one day a week in term time. Two Units of a Bachelor of Art degree, done at the campus some distance away, but not too far. Every Wednesday would be study day!

I’d been along to the campus for an open day, to check it all out, and was impressed for sure. The grounds were beautiful — a lovely old building at the front, more modern buildings behind. And there were many glorious old trees, Eucalytus trees, the kind Koalas eat, and yes, I was told by a few different people they’d often seen that iconic Australian creature living there, up in the trees!

This campus felt like a wonderful place to be. And then when it was class time, I was there, settling into a room with other students. I didn’t know anyone there, although I remembered seeing one of them at the open day, she seemed nice, so I sat at the same table she was at.

There where over twenty other students for that first morning session, aday that had begun with me having to get out of bed much earlier than I was used to being out of bed, but I’d known that, and was happy enough to do it. The traffic was heavier than I’d realised it might be, it being peak hour commuter traffic time but I got there just in time.

I had a problem with my laptop, which didn’t seem to be able to connect with the University internet, which was sightly worrying, but I managed OK. I was able to understand the concepts being spoken of, and managed to answer some of the questions asked, more or less correctly. Then at lucnch time, I visited the the ‘help centre’ to see if I could get the issues with my laptop sorted out.

The person I spoke with did his best to get it organised, but it was more than he was able to do, and he had lots of other people to assist. It was time for my next class, so I left.



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