Weighing Yourself Every Day Isn’t Always A Bad Idea

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readJan 28, 2023

The ‘ones who know’ say you shouldn’t weigh yourself, but for myself, I don’t agree. I can see their reasoning on this matter, that it may lead to disappointment, and discouragement, but if you weigh yourself every day, and consider the result of you weigh in, and include your thoughts and ideas about the result, as I do, I feel it can be extremely useful. Below are my result for today’s weigh in, including my thoughts about the result.

“49.5 kg On an ordinary day, this result would be a bit troublesome, because it’s right on the top level of my desired weight range. But last night was special, because we dined with our son, as well as the love of his life, and his future mother-in-law!

a set of bathroom scales, with the feet of a person weighing themselves
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So calorie counting was far from my mind, and I happily ate a bit more than I usually might, and drank something I wouldn’t usually have to drink.

I weigh myself first thing in the morning, almost every single morning, and have done so for several years, stripped and ready for a bath.

And understanding the reasons for this slight weight gain makes it fine, to weigh myself every day. l’m comfortable that I have the needed knowledge of these things, to not make the mistake of giving up, and just pigging out, thinking the whole idea of losing, or even maintaining of weight is useless. This result in fact proves the truth of what I’ve been doing, and I’m sure my weigh in result tomorrow morning will be closer to the middle or even lower area of my desired weight range.

I know more or less how many calories there are in most foods, and I try to eat accordingly, based in what I’m eating, and how much I’m having, as well as factoring in how many calories I am likely to have used for the day.

And I have a good idea about this as well, because I also record how many steps I’ve taken, if I go on a walk, using the pedometer on my phone. If I go for a decent walk, of a kilometre and a half, and am careful to limit my calorific intake, weight loss is likely to happen. This may only be the losing of a hundred grams, but that’s all I usually need, because I’ve finally reached my ideal weight, so maintenance is my goal, really, rather than actual weight loss.



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