What On Earth Might That Be?

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readNov 28, 2023

I’m putting together an Art Installation, with the title of RUST & FOUND, and have been taking photographs of what I’m doing, particularly featuring new items added.

Photo I took ofmost recent panel added to Art Installation

This may look a bit odd, but that’s fine, because, let’s face it, I prode myself of being a bit odd! I have a strong dislike of the idea of being considered ‘ordinary’!

So the items in the photograph are the rusty wire fence (including barbed wire and metal fence post), two metal shiny long and thin something, a smaller but much heavier metal piece, the latest piece which is ‘capping’ for something or other, then there is a beer can which particularly was of interest because someone had cut a 5cmX5cm piece from the can for some unknown reason(weirdly interesting to me, of course), then, below that long capping piece is an extremely piece which is likely very old — a seat from a horse-pulled buggy of come kind. Then after that, is a hmm, I really have zero idea of what on earth that item is!

I’m loving both finding, and putting on display items that I know the use of, and these strange and wonderful things I know nothing about! In terms of numbers, I have far more bottle caps from beer bottles than anything else in this Art Installation. That probably gives an indication about a number of things about the community I live in.

First, there are lots of people there who like to drink beer. This is not a surprising thing, I spend quite bit of time, going for walks around the local oval, where Australian Rules Football in winter, and Cricket in summer, are played. And where there are those games being played, and watched there is likely to be beer being consumed!

The method for displating these metal beer caps has been playing on my mind, but I’m pleased to have had an idea given to me, by a friend who has been with me on lots of my walks, so they will be displayed all together, on top of a lovely big metal container I have found and put on display as well.

This is something new to me, putting on an Artistic ‘thing’ but aI’m loving it! I intend measuring the dimensions of this Installation, but at a rough guess, it is currently around 15 metres long, and 1.5 metres high, and at the moment 2.5 metres wide, so a not unsubstantial thing.

It is actually my front fence, and gate, with some pieces place in the space created in the corner created by gate and fence … I may not be able to create oil paintings, but as far as a first time ever Art Installation, I reckon I’ve done quite well at it!



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