Which Side Of The Fence?

Carolyn Cordon
5 min readSep 17

Fences have many purposes, from keeping things in, to keeping other things out. They can also be used to delineate spaces, show where ‘yours’ starts and ends.

When you fence your home in, are you doing it to keep yourself and your ‘stuff’ safe, are you showing what you have to others because you’re proud of it, or want to keep others out of it?

Different people have different ideas about these matters, and of course attitudes can definately change as we go through life. And of course if and when there are animals involved in your life, you may well need fences to keep those creatures safe.

Whether pets or livestock, nobody likes to see what can happen when such creatures end up on the road, with tragic results. I know seeing such victims dead on the road breaks my heart — a good fence and gate could have saved their life …

And of course, with livestock, the owners want to keep their valuable sheep, pigs, cattle, whatever, safely shut in, so when the time comes for their eventual sale, or use as a food source, for instance, those creatures are where the owner expects and wants them to be!

As a former dog exhibitor and breeder, I certainly needed, and appreciated, the various fences at my place, whether the fence is to keep the dogs in, or keep other things out. We gave up those things and now only have one dog, and while he is purebred, he’s not a showdog, and not for breeding either.

Our family dog is a Greyhound, and when you have a Greyhound, you need to have a fence to keep it in, it’s the law. And doing by our Greyhound, his road sense is absolutely Zero, so he needs to be on a lead anyway, even if the law didn’t insist he had a lead on.

So that’s a basic discussion of why fences are important. But to me at the moment, RUSTY fences are the most important fences there are, and in particular our Rusty barb wire fence (or barbed wire fence if you prefer), well this is my most important fence because it is home to my new (and first ever) Art Installation, titled RUST & FOUND.

This new adventure with a different way of connecting with ‘the Arts’ has captured my attention, and I love the way it links together so many of the important things in my live I already like to to!

Going on walks with the Greyhound, tick
Finding things as I walk? tick
Writing about things, tick
Writing Poems? tick
Being at home, fiddling around with things, tick!



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