Who Needs Two Cars?

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readMay 8, 2022

I loved my little Kia Rio, a nippy little car, easy to drive and park, and super cheap to run was perfect for me. Until she wasn’t.

Little Kria (my pet name for the car) broke down one day, and it would cast half of what she was worth, to get fixed. And as an aging car, putting more money into her wouldn’t have been a sensible idea …


So my husband and I decided she had to go, and I talked it through with my mother (who has always been wonderful and supportive to me). Mum loaned me $10,000 to buy myself a better and much newer car. And so Sally the Cerato came into my life.

But poor Kria, which I’d had towed to my place, just sat there in our yard, looking like she was ready to go somewhere, but actually unable to do so, because she was ‘stuffed’ (that isn’t the technical term for her problem). I just know it was a ‘biggie’ whatever the problem was.

The car had something expensive under the bonnet that no longer did what it was supposed to do. So she sat there, and sat there. One week I decided to clear out all of the papers that were stashed on the back seat, with help from my support worker.

We’d had someone willing to maybe buy the car, but with all of the stuff there, it couldn’t happen without some work on my part, in clearing it all out. So when I decided to do the job, my support worker and I got stuck into it, and now those papers and books are now in the house, instead of the car.

So Kria was ready. But the buyer was no longer there, wanting her. We have a bit of land, so there was plenty of room, it didn’t matter that an unused car was there, and she wasn’t a wreck, looking like rubbish at all. She just didn’t go …

This went of for months, and then maybe years, in these Covid times, who can tell? Not me, years have slipped away, who knows where they went?

Making the decision didn’t mean we’d be able to actually do anything about it!


I was more or less resigned to the fact that this once loved car would end up being, eventually, a rusted heap of junk. A sad ending for a useful car, that’s for sure.

It seemed like nobody wanted this Kia Rio, not even me.

But today, after lunch, there was a knock at our door, and lo and behold there was a young man interested in buying our car! I left the talk…

Carolyn Cordon

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