Why I’m Glad I Live In The Country

Carolyn Cordon
3 min readJun 14, 2021

My move from suburbs to country was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

The blue, blue sky, the trees, the pool, and so much space!

Since moving to the country I’ve come such a long way, from the low level public servant I once was … I’ve left the nine to five grind, become a mother, bred many lovely puppies, and found good homes for them. And I’m become a poet and writer.

This final thing, poet and writer, is the one that makes me so proud of myself for! I have eight published books, with at least two, probably three more, with another on the way for next year. I’ve also beome the editor of a popular newsletter, the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle, that goes out to my local community, the people of Mallala, a small rural town in South Australia.

My love of words has led to become the President of Adelaide Plains Poets, a weekly writing group too, and this group now organises a monthly poetry reading, often with a writing related workshop first as well. And the group also puts on an annual Poetry competition, and a Festival of Words as well. All because I’ve been able to gather like-minded people together, so we can all share our love of words, and work to take that love further.

I doubt I would have ever done most of these things, if I’d stayed working for a wage. I may not get much money these days, but my satisfaction with the life I’m living is worth the lack of funds. I can sit here in my favourite writing position, and look out of the window, to spot an interesting bird, or glance at the tall pine trees we have along our front fence, and gain inspiration, perhaps for another poem.

The people in my writing group are awesome and creative people, and even though we might have different lives, in some ways, that love of words holds us all together. And having the space around the house I live in, one and 3/4 acres of land, that gives me the feeling that I am free, to do whatever I want to do!

The idea of living in the suburbs again fills me with dread, to be closed in, with no room to move, what a horrible idea that is to me. Where I live, I can sit looking out of the window and not see a car go past for ages, and I sure like that! And the feeling of being a member of the community is strong, living in the country. If I ever needed someone to take me to an event, I know I’d be able to find…

Carolyn Cordon

Reader and writer — Poetry, prose, blogging, editor of community newsletter, & more recently Stand Up Comedian! Life happens as I watch, & get involved too!