Why My Dog Is The Best Dog!

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readDec 5, 2023

When I write that he is the ‘best’ dog, I mean he is the best dog, I mean the best dog for me, right here, right now. This retired racing Greyhound is not the best dog I’ve ever had, not by a longshot. Or is he?

Lenny (our dog) has been with us for I think it’s a year and a half, I could check, but that’s not relevant right now. Lenny is the dog we have, a welcome new dog, after the death of out 14 year old Pharaoh Hound.

Lenny sleeping on the sofa next to me! writer’s photo

Lenny has flaws, in that he does things in ways no dog we’ve had before did, and it has taken a long while to work our way through his idiosynchrasies. It has been slightly easier, because our son has had a Greyhound a couple of years before we got our, so we had a little bit of an idea of what to expect.

And there is the GAP which is the Greyhounds As Pets program, which is the main group one can get a Greyhound through. They do their best to make sure retired racing Greyhounds go to homes that will be the dog’s home for the rest of its life.

The newly retired racing Greyhounds will go from their trainer, to a foster home, and then, hopefully on to that pet home. In the foster home the Greyhound will learn about what living in an actual house is all about, and the different rules the dog is expected to follow, if possible … For most Greyhounds, their only home has been the racing kennels, where they lived with other Greyhounds each living in kennels, with one hound to each kennel.

So television, kitchens, gardens, sofas, and so on, these are all scary new things to learn about. Some Greyhounds fit in well, and are almost ready, when they go on to their new home, others still need more work. Those taking on a Greyhound as their new pet can contact the GAP people for help if needed.

So far, we have been able to work through the issues that have occured, and really, Lenny is our loved pet. He may be a bit irritating, from time to time, barking loudly only a metre from us, but that is always for a reason, it’s just up to us to work out what the reason is. We’ve figured out now that if that barking happens in the early evening, Lenny either wants a bit of a snack, or he needs to go outside. Easy …

Lenny is easy to take for a walk, and he’s in fact a social butterfly, loving to get pats from all of the people he…



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