Winning Battles In Your Life

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readJul 27, 2021

Today my husband and I went on a walk, which felt like a mighty battle against the elements! Such a strong wind blowing toward where we wanted to be, then blowing against us all the way home.

The sound of the wind blowing through the trees along our road was so loud! Of course, having my hearing aids in makes the sound seem much louder than it would if I didn’t have them there. I have battled poor hearing for all of my life, and have only now done something about it.

Being partly deaf has caused me to listen harder, and pay attention better, or I miss out on knowing what is going on. It’s an ongoing battle when in a goup of people, to follow the discussion or conversation, when you’re hard of hearing. I’ve managed it for my 58 years of life, but am glad that particular battle is over, as long as I have those hearing aids with batteries that haven’t gone flat.

Last night I went to bed, but realised I’d put my hearing aids away, but forgotten to turn them off, so up I got, to the other end of the house on a cold night. But job done, and I’m all powered up, and hearing well. Another battle won!

We knew, before we went on our walk this morning it was windy outside, but I have to admit, if I’d realised it was as windy as it was, I may have stayed at home with Missy, our dog. She usually has a walk with my husband, most days, but she didn’t want to come today, so we left her at home. And once I got home, I could see the wisdom in her decision!

I’m glad I wond my battle against the wind, and didn’t get blown over, but I sure didn’t feel stable, as I walked along the road! This wind has been blowing things over, and rather than launching another battle against it, the battle of keeping all of our pot plants out the front of our place upright, we will just leave ant that are blown over, and sort it all out once the wind settles down. Otherwise it will be a futile battle, and the wind will win.

But the main reason for the walk this morning, and the previous two days before, was to work on our battle to catch more Pokemon. As I’ve written earlier, I’ve recently begun playing Pokemon Go, a late adopter, but a keen one, in the current lockdown and stay safe Covid world … But our state, South Australia, was only locked down for seven days, and tomorrow we will…

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