Working On My New Art Installation A Work-In-Progress

Carolyn Cordon
5 min readSep 7

I am a writer of both poetry and prose, and my understanding of myself has always been of being an Artist in the Genre of Literature. I appreciate viewing visual artworks but have never before seriously considered myself as any kind of artist beyond literature.

But recently, an idea come into my head, and I began putting some bits and pieces together, and that ‘putting together’ has now become an “Art Installation”! So I am no longer just an artist working in words, but I am an artist putting up an Artwork for people to view, think about, and comment on.

There is writing involved in the display of an Art Installation, of course, and while it hasn’t happened yet, I expect some poetry may occur to further extend this new work, and I have already written prose elsewhere in relation to this artwork.

This new direction for me has a working title at the moment of ‘RUST & FOUND’, and it involves the collection of found objects from around where I live, and then the display of such objects together in a carefully chosen place.

This piece has the theme of Recycling, with the larger idea that by recycling, reusing and repurposing items, rather than constantly demanding more, we may do at least a little to help to save our planet!

It is a huge theme, while this proposed “Art Installation” is a small thing, but I hope the response for viewers will be a big one, and the ongoing growth of the ideas shown in the minds of others will match the enormity of the idea of saving the planet!

To give an idea of what this Art Installation looks like, some photographs:

This is very much a work in progress, with many more pieces and aspects to add. (writer’s photo)

I’ve been doing some study and have discovered the best ‘label’ this work fits into — the label of Contemporary Conceptualism. This is a new piece of Art, so obviously contemporary, and it explores some Big Ideas, concencerning Society, Community, Disability, Waste, and the possible end of the world as we know it. Some big concepts, yes?

I plan for this work to encompass the Installation, Poetry and Prose writing (a book is likely to come of it). I would love to meet up with others and talk about the range of concepts I refer to with my work.



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