Your Attitude Equals Your Life

Carolyn Cordon
4 min readJul 2, 2022

Yes, your attitude equals your life — what you believe and what you do, shows how you and your life will go …

Do you think life is dead set against you, and the whole world hates you? Do good things happen to everybody else, and never happen to you?

If you think these things are true for you, you may be correct, but really? I doubt the whole world is against you, most of the world neither knows you, nor cares a jot about you.

But if you hold such attitudes, you more or less make these things true.

Having a positive, rather than that negative attitude to life will always be better for a person, surely? As a believer in that more useful look in all life can offer, I have certainly benefited from this idea.

People like me, respect me even, because of who I am, what I’ve done, how I act. I give to others, rather than taking all of the time, I always give thanks for things done for me, and give credit to people who I know have done well.

I am a leader of others, in minor ways, perhaps on a global scale, but in my own place where I live, the people living around town know who I am, because of what I do for them, and they appreciate my work. Being the editor of the local newsletter has given me a credibility, and the way I include others, and don’t snatch up all of the praise, but give credit where it is due, not grudgingly, but happily.

Trees, the sky, roads, making connections … (writer’s photo)

I don’t denigrate others, (or try not to, but wow, sometimes that is difficult …) I’m not perfect, and know I am to work harder at this one, and am in fact doing that. I try to maintain the Stoic attitudes to all in my life, doing the best I can for others, both family and friends, my local town, region, and beyond.

All of us can give back to life, and I know the good feelings that come from doing such things, and having such attitudes — good will always triumph over bad, in the long run, in that having an attitude that negates the good in the world won’t bring you good feelings to help you in bad times, that can come for all of us.

But if you have inner feelings of good about yourself, you can keep yourself focused on that good, and in insulates you, and keeps you safe in many ways, against the bad. Being open to considering people to be…

Carolyn Cordon

Reader and writer — Poetry, prose, blogging, editor of community newsletter, & more recently Stand Up Comedian! Life happens as I watch, & get involved too!