Your ‘Tribe’ Are The Ones Who Truly Understand

Finding ‘your tribe’, can be the answer to living your full on, absolutely best ever life!

Carolyn Cordon
2 min readMay 5, 2021


Some of these people are definitely members of my tribe! I’m the one on the front right.

We all have friends, companions, colleagues, partners, spouses, team mates, lovers, mates, but may still feel there’s something missing. When I was an older teen, then young woman, up to my mid twenties, I always knew I had one friend for sure, who understood me, and my life.

We’d grown up together, Wendy and I, from our late pre-teen years, though tumultuous teen years, and into our early working years, before our lives were taken over by ‘the loves of our lives’, and we had become married women.

And through it all, we understood each other. WE were members of the same tribe. But those times are over now, a terrible tragedy stole my best ever friend from me, and I thought for quite a few years I would never again find friends who could become ‘tribe members’, and who understood, at least a little who I truly was.

But as a person grows older, wisdom can come along too, and you might step out, try different things out, and hey presto, along come new people, ones who understand, and care about what you care about.

So it has been for me, and now I am proud to say I’ve found my tribe, friends, fellow writers, who care about lots of the same things I care about! This makes me feel so much more able to do the things I most want to do!

I have my tribe to help, they encourage me, I encourage them, and life for us all is good. And if it isn’t going well, we offer support, and it gets better.

Writers sometimes think differently to ‘ordinary people’ and my tribe knows that, because that is our lived experience, where words are the most important things to us, a lot of the time, and writing trumps most things.

When we get together, and the words and the fun times flow, and we are at peace in our lives, up until the next deadline looms! If I didn’t have ‘my tribe’ what a sad thing that would be.

I need alone time, sometimes, but I need my tribe too! I love my writing friends, and selected others who just understand …



Carolyn Cordon

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